Stage 1: The Meteorite Ink
We create the first ink made from meteorites using an age-old practice old creating colour pigments with minerals. An ink that has travelled thousands of light years in space. The pigment and ink will be trademarked with the name: Discovery Blue. This ink will be sent to select artists around the world to create their version of one-of-a-kind Star Trek Discovery art pieces.


Stage 2: Art Exhibition & Auction
We commission some of the world’s best poster artists for the project. The artists are shown the first episode of the series and are given the special meteorite based ink to create the special edition posters.

The artworks have a big unveiling in an event like Comic Con and travel to different museums and art galleries. The audience can see the amazing poster, pieces of the meteorites used to make the ink, buy prints, and tiny samples of the ink as well. The limited edition posters are then auctioned to Star Trek fans around the world and the money collected from the auction goes to a just social cause like the National Centre for Diversity.

Potential Artists: The artists could be big names like Kyle Lambert,  Christoph Niemann or Noma Bar, or they could come from the Star Trek fanart community. The only thing they should all have in common is a deep knowledge and love for the Star Trek universe.


Stage 3: Social Media & Promotion
The process of making the Discovery Blue ink will make an interesting video case study. The time-lapse of the artists making the posters will be great content for different social media channels. The posters themselves will be shared online. The auctioning along with interviews of the new owners can be livestreamed on Youtube and Facebook.



Thomas Knüwer

Sudarshan Waghmare

Joy Chakravorty